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Facebook Connect Active Export
Implement Facebook Connect in your Osclass site.
Sitemap Generator Active Export
Create a sitemap.xml in the root folder. Very useful for the crawlers.
YouTube Active Export
This plugin extends the item to embed YouTube videos.
Rich edit Active Export
Adds a WYSIWYG (TinyMCE) editor for publishing ads, fully customisable.…
Ad importer Active Export
This plugin for you that allows you to batch import listings from other sources. That means that even if you al…
Voting Active Export
Allow users to rate ads and/or sellers.
Location required Active Export
This Plugin makes the location required when posting or editing ads.
Watchlist Active Export
This plugin allows users to add items on a list to watch later.…
More edit Active Export
Add a few more options to moderation control (moderate all, moderate edits, establish maximum ads per week/mont…
List seller items Active Export
List all the items of a unique user.
Dating attributes Active Export
This plugin extends the items fields in order to store dating attributes such as gender you're looking for and…
Extra feeds Active Export
Create feeds to export ads to other search engines: Google Base, Indeed, Trovit and Oodle.
Google Analytics Active Export
Add the famous Google Analytics tool on your site.
Digital goods Active Export
Allows you to upload files, besides images, to offer a digital download of goods
Registered users only Active Export
This plugin block non-registered users. You only will be able to access to login, register and forgot page.
Amazon S3 Active Export
Upload the attached photos to Amazon S3 service, save bandwidth and make your page load faster!
Ghostbuster Active Export
Couldn't delete some listings? Get rid of them now with this plugin.
European Cookie law Active Export
Makes your website compatible with the European Cookie law.
Piwik Active Export
Show Piwiks stats as an alternative to Google Analytics.
Buy/sell options Active Export
This plugin extends a category of items to display a buy/sell offer type
Amazon SES Active Export
Allows you to use the Amazon SES mailing service, perfect for those admins with issues in the configuration of…
Admin email search Active Export
Allows the site administrator to find email addresses on listings, users and alerts.
Mandrill for Osclass Active Export
Allows you to use Mandrill mailing service, perfect for admins with issues in the configuration of their email…
Social share item success Active Export
Add a thanks message and social sharing options after posting a listing.
Minifyer Active Export
Concatenate and shrink your CSS and JS files to make your page load faster.
Custom Attributes Active Export
Allows custom attributes to be added to your listings. It features six input types, editor, options, groups, tr…
Payments Pro Active Export
Osclass Payments Pro plugin is the perfect tool to make profit our of your website. With it you will be able to…
Butler Active Export
Helps you clean your website by deleting expired and spam listings as well as non activated listings and users.
Email reminder Active Export
The perfect plugin for forgetful users! Remind users to share on social networks, validate their accounts or li…
Admin tools login Active Export
Take access of a user account if you are logged at oc-admin. Administrator and moderator will see a fixed bar a…
sweetCatpcha Active Export
sweetCaptcha is a fresh, friendly, action-based CAPTCHA service that’s easy for you to add to your website and…
Contact counter Active Export
Contacts counter tool. Know how many time a listing has been contacted. See on a graph how many contacts over t…
Jobs attributes Export
Breadcrumbs Export
Cars attributes Export
Real estate Export
Payments Export
Payments plugin allows you to set publish and premium fees for your classified ads. Earn money by letting your…